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Go Remote - Pre-event Guide

Go Remote

A fully customisable program specifically designed to develop essential skills for effective remote teams

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Quickfire Online

Get ready to enjoy Quickfire Online a fun team activity of mental, creative and physical challenges in difficulty levels and a variety of forms – photo, video, single answer, multiple-choice, logic puzzles and more!

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CSI la hacienda

CSI La Hacienda Инструкции

Усъвършенствайте своите умения за съвместно вземане на решения с този завладяващ 3D модел! Пригответе се за събитието с тези лесни стъпки.

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CSI Space Odyssey

CSI Space Odyssey Инструкции преди събитието

Излетете в космоса. Вашият екип има задача да разкрие объркващо престъпление в космоса. Следвайте тези стъпки, за да се подготвите за междугалактическото приключение.

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Escape the mob online

Escape the Mob Online Pre-event Guide

You and your team have been incriminated in the perfect heist. The mob are on your case and there is no time to lose. Solve the mystery and clear your name before it's too late!

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Global Festival Game

Global Festival Game Pre-event Guide

Summer music festival fun! Solve riddles, create photos and videos of ‘festival moments and research facts on the supporting festival website

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Go Team wellbeing

Go Team Wellbeing Pre-event Guide

Improve your ability to adapt to frequent change with an open, relaxed mindset. Find out how to get ready for this fun health and wellbeing focused activity.

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Haunted House

Haunted House Pre-event Guide

Take courage and get ready to collaborate with your team to escape this house of ghoulish quests, mysteries, ghosts and malevolent spirits.

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Impact Online Pre-event Guide

Get ready to play Impact Online, a remote team building activity focusing on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and take action towards a sustainable future!

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Summit Challenge

Summit Challenge Pre-event Guide

Get ready to head off on a virtual mountain climbing adventure. You and your team will reach new heights as you work together completing a range of photo, video and quiz-style challenges.

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Race Around the World

Race Around the World Pre-event Guide

Set off on a virtual Race Around the World with your team discovering new places as you find fun and interesting facts on your journey around the globe.

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race around the world

Race Around the World - PowerPoint Игра

Когато е необходимо, вашият фасилитатор ще ви даде парола за достъп до тази страница

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