Picture Perfect

It’s not the picture that counts, it’s the people in it!

1 - 2 часа
На закрито
Съревнование и сътрудничество
6 - Неограничен

Описание на програмата

Picture Perfect is a fun remote team building activity in which participants race to recreate a wide variety of photographs in their own home using only the costumes and props they have available to them. The end results are often hilarious if not, in fact, Picture Perfect.

Delegates are split into teams. Each team is given the same task, to recreate as many of the photos we give them in the allotted time. Points are scored for every photo recreated, no matter how "picture perfect" it is. Teams also score points for their creativity, their sense of humour and their attention to detail. During our finale screening, individuals will vote for their favourite photo and the winning team will be announced. Prizes can be arranged at your request.

Резултати за развитието на екипа

Picture Perfect is a collaborative team experience that encourages delegates to work as a team, to help each other with ideas and solutions. They must get creative and utilise the tools at their disposal in the most creative way possible. Delegates will need access to Zoom or similar and an internet connection.

Remote Team Activity

Дейности за дистанционни екипи

Ако екипът Ви не се намира в един град или на едно физическо място, опитайте виртуалната версия на програмата. Това е страхотен начин да ангажирате, мотивирате и да свържете хора, които работят дистанционно. През видеоконференция нашите опитни тиймбилдинг фасилитатори ще преведат екипа Ви през приятно преживяване. Свържете се с нас, за да Ви предложим виртуална дейност специално за нуждите на Вашия екип.

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