World Outside Your Window

Engage with your local environment

1 - 9 часа
На закрито и на открито
Съревнование и сътрудничество
4 - Неограничен

Описание на програмата

World Outside Your Window is a technology-based team building activity that encourages players to explore their local environment. Individuals carry out the tasks on their own, then connect with their team either virtually or in person to share their findings. A team’s score is the sum of the team member’s scores, so everyone’s contributions count!

The game screen is divided into 4 types of environments. Each day, players complete four tasks. Each day, players select an environment and carry out the 3 tasks in that environment. They also complete the Random Act of Kindness that requires them to do some specific kind thing to another person.

By attempting a task, players receive tokens. These tokens can be used to increase their own points or, given to other team members to reveal bonus tasks and thereby increase their team’s overall score.

Резултати за развитието на екипа

World Outside Your Window is designed to get players out and about and discover their local environment engaging with it in a new way. The cleverly designed bonus system encourages collaboration as it positively reinforces teamwork. Through sharing their experiences and listening and reflecting on the encounters of others they bond as a team. Participants become more aware, more present and have a better understanding of how they can play a part towards a common goal. As the team bonds, individual motivation and engagement increases in their ultimate shared quest to be the winning team.

Идеи за корпоративна социална отговорност

Each day, players carry out a specific act of kindness towards another person. These acts encourage individuals to be accountable for fulfilling their civic duty and bring an awareness of how one small act can impact the whole of society.

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Дейност за дистанционни екипи

Тази дейност е предназначена за хора, които работят от разстояние. Вашият екип може да работи от вкъщи, в различни регионални офиси или в различни държави! Харесвате темата, но искате да се изпълни на живо или в хибриден вариант? Свържете се с нас, за да разберете как можем да персонализираме това изживяване за вашия екип.

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