The Human Race

Journey around an incredible and wonderous place - your body

45 минути - 2 часа
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Съревнование и сътрудничество
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Описание на програмата

In The Human Race, guided by a mobile app, teams explore the wonders of the human body. One player is the ‘Scientist’, and the other team members are ‘Researchers’. The Researchers receive vital information and questions which they must relay to the Scientists to submit.

Teams travel through a series of levels sharing and discovering knowledge about the human body. Their ultimate objective is to score the highest points for their team within a limited time frame. To maximise points, teams must identify which questions they can complete successfully. To gain vital knowledge should they trade information with other teams? And, there are bonus points to be earned. With double bonus points going to the first team to decipher the key medical phrase that is revealed bit by bit at the start of each level, the race is on!

Резултати за развитието на екипа

Human Race is a fun and engaging gamified way of examining task-focused approach, compared with utilising effective teamwork, observance to change and an agile strategy. The split roles demand clear, concise and consistent communication in relaying questions and answers. Teams must determine which challenges to attempt, decide when to move to the next level, how fervently to pursue bonus points and, when to trade with other teams for vital information. Winning teams understand the game's objectives, develop a strategy and use collective decision making to maximise points. As they share knowledge and research information, individual strengths come to the fore and team members’ bond.

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