Global Innovation Game - Digital

Co-create new ideas as a team in a collaborative, creative, remote environment.

1 - 2 часа
На закрито
Съревнование и сътрудничество
6 - Неограничен

Описание на програмата

Teams connect using a digital conferencing tool and log onto the Global Innovation Game website. The website deals each player a hand of interactive playing cards. Each players hand has the same mix of Object, Tech & Data cards. Tasked to come up with a revolutionary Smart Object, Service or Tool players ‘click and drag’ their colour coded cards into combinations to assist their ideation. Then, in breakout groups, teams brainstorm and share concepts, ultimately deciding on the idea they will present. They collaborate to create a short, persuasive presentation and then showcase it to the other teams in a dragon’s den style pitch.

Резултати за развитието на екипа

Global Innovation Game fosters ideation and creative thinking in remote teams. The intelligent yet straightforward game matrix instantly engages participants and cements an inclusive atmosphere. The importance of clear communication and active listening is reinforced as participants are challenged to see how open, fluid ideation can lead to innovation. Choosing and developing a pitch draws on collaborative decision making and team dynamics. Global Innovation Game can be customised to your content. This highly relevant virtual team building activity offers a much need tonic for ‘Zoom Fatigue’!

Remote Team Activity

Дейности за дистанционни екипи

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